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First of all let us thank you for your interest to buy steroids from us. Please be sure that Muscle Solutions represent a reliable source and here one may find only trusted manufacturers.

The legitimacy of our online steroids pharmacy can be checked on Myogen, Alpha-pharma, Magnus Pharmaceuticals, Lifetech Labs and ARCAS Nutrition official websites, as is the official reseller of these brands.

We really encourage you to buy steroids from us, by placing a small order. We do not have a minimal order.


  1. Thomas Payton

    The expedition was great. The package arrived on time and was packaged securely and discreetly.
    An excellent site with the best products also. Testosterone enanthate and dianabol have given me good results. With this stack of products, I gained more than 10 kg in just 8 weeks.
    If I summarize everything, the site offered me the best service and the best products. I would definitely recommend using this supplier.

  2. Ryan

    My first impression on the products of this site following my first order and my first cure:
    – Effective products because my muscles and my weight have increased. I did a Methandienone cure (30-50mg daily for 8 weeks).
    – msgear service: the customer service was responsive. I always had answers for all my questions.
    – The site is very simple and finding the products you need does not require much time.
    – Well described products. Everything is well detailed.

  3. William

    It is a source with the best laboratories and the right prices. I really recommend using them!
    The packaging was very discreet and protected. The site did a good job concerning the protection of my package. I ordered two vials of Testosterone Enanthate 250.
    With Testosterone Enanthate 500 mg per week for 10 weeks, my strength and mass gains were undeniable.
    Magnus is an excellent laboratory! This is the strict truth. And the site is great.

  4. Miguel

    Goal: Weight loss
    Products ordered: stanozolol and salbutamol
    For the protection of the liver, I already have the liv 52.
    My cure lasted 10 weeks and it gave good results. There was still fat, but most importantly, I lost weight.
    These fat burners are effective.

  5. Andrew B. King

    Ordered DragonPharma Dianabol / M1T / Nolvadex and received in accordance with no problem. I ordered everything through a single warehouse. An advice for future buyers, order from a single warehouse. To have the products at the same time.

  6. Ismael

    I have done two cycles with msgear products so far and have seen huge gains every time. And about buying and delivering, their team did a good job. Ordering on the site is quite simple and delivery is fast. The site also offers good service. Their team always answers all my questions.
    My cycles are:
    – Dianabol + salbutamol for 8 weeks (with PCT and protections)
    – Testo-E + stanozolol for 12 weeks (with PCT and protections)
    I literally have nothing negative to say about my experience with msgear.

  7. Bonnie D.

    I placed an order for anavar 25mg 100tbs * 3 about two weeks ago, everything went well, I didn’t encounter any problems with the delivery. It is an excellent thing to be able to check the authenticity of the products. Good work, guys.

  8. Alexander

    This source has excellent prices.
    All the products I bought have been verified on the official website of the laboratories thanks to a verification code. And the products are authentic.
    I cycle for 8 weeks, using the E test with Magnus nandrolone decanoate and Methandienone. For me, it’s one of the best brands. 750 mg testosterone enanthate weekly and 400 mg nandrolone decanoate weekly for 10 weeks. For Methandienone it is 50 mg daily for 6 weeks. Big mass gain as results.

  9. Ken Walker

    I ordered sustanon, deca-durabolin from Dragonpharma for my muscle building cure. The package arrived earlier than I thought. Very discreet, everything was hermetically packed. Now all I have to do is follow a good training and diet program to keep it all going.

  10. Hernandez

    This is the second time I buy on the site. both times, my orders have been processed and delivered within 72 hours! I can not fault their service. I would recommend 10/10 to buy on this site.

    The packaging was very discreet and my products were well protected.

    A very reliable source. I am also satisfied with the results following my 12 – week course with Test – P and Oxandrolone. 400 mg Test-P weekly for 12 weeks and 40 mg Oxandrolone daily for 8 weeks.

  11. Thurber

    One of the best quality providers on the Internet. I experienced this some time ago when I bought Clenbuterol and Cytomel to lose weight. I should do a new cure soon and of course, I will get the products on this site.


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