Salbutamol – Magnus – 4mg x 100tab


Salbutamol 4 is known as one of the best fat loss agents in bodybuilding. It’s a beta-receptor agonist therefore it works by increasing the metabolic rate and enhances lipolysis. It is optimal for when rapid fat loss is needed over a short period of time

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  • Effects: Burns fat, increases lean muscle mass, increases strength
  • Brand name: Magnus
  • Product Brand Name: salbutamol
  • Other name: Clenbu, Clen
  • Active compound: Clenbuterol
  • Type: Oral
  • Concentration: 4 mcg/tablet
  • Packaging: Box of 100 tablets
  • Total quantity per packaging: 4000 mcg
  • Dosage: Between 20 And 200mcg/day (please see description for accurate dosing guidelines / structures.)
  • Beginners dosage: 20-120mcg/day for 8-10 weeks (please see guidelines / description for further information.)
  • Intermediate dosage: 40-160mcg/day for 8-10 weeks (please see guidelines / description for further information.)
  • Advanced dosage: 80-200mcg/day for 8-10 weeks (please see guidelines / escription for further information.)
  • Female dosage: 20-120mcg/day for 8-10 weeks
  • Protection during treatment: N/A
  • Pct post cycle therapy: N/A
  • Level: All Users
  • Stack: Can be stacked with all products (except DNP and ephedrine)

Buy Salbutamol 4 By Magnus

Salbutamol is one of the most efficient, straightforward and well loved fat burning agents on the planet thanks to their simple but impactful mechanism of action. This high dosage, super pure, highly concentrated clen variety will allow you to smash your fat burning goals with ease whilst enhancing your endurance levels. The benefits on offer when utilising clen 40 aren’t as diverse as say an anabolic steroid variety, but they are nonetheless brutally effective and highly desirable for those who wish to reduce the adipose tissue content of their body. The Salbutamol 4mg benefits you can expect to achieve when running a clenbuterol cycle are:

  • Improved breathing capacity
  • A massively enhanced metabolic rate, thus improving fat burning potential
  • Enhanced oxygen utilisation, thus enhancing endurance levels
  • Improved energy levels
  • Potentially improved nutrient uptake capacity

When we consider all of the above elements, it’s fair to say that almost any athlete or aesthetically minded individual could benefit from integrating this item into their regimen. It’s fair to say that clenbuterol pills are primarily only going to be effective as part of a cutting cycle or for improving athletic endurance rather than having any place within a bulking cycle. Properly administering white clenbuterol 40 mcg tablets involves using some strategy and tact. There are actually three different Salbutamol pill dosage / cycle patterns to follow – none of the following options are “wrong” and it’s all down to personal preference. On rotation: This method involves starting at an intake of roughly 20 mcg, then increasing this number every few days until the maximum dose of 200 mcg has been reached over the course of a two week period; following this the user ceases use for two weeks then resumes again for the same period In a continuous fashion: This method involves using clenbuterol at 20 – 40mcg per day initially for two to three weeks, then increasing the dose by 20-40 mcg and holding it for another two-three weeks in a continuous cycle until the user has reached their goal The inbetween method: This process involves using clen hydrochloride at roughly 40 mcg, then increasing the dose on a weekly basis until the maximum intake of 200 mcg is achieved over the course of a 8-10 week total period Any one of these three clenbuterol cycle plan examples will prove to be highly effective for a user of any level. It’s worth noting that beginners should start at the lowest point and slowly work their way up.Magnus have really outdone themselves with their superb variant of clenbuterol – this particular option comes in a 40 mcg dose making it highly accessible for experienced users. We don’t believe that simply offering the highest grade, premium quality anabolic steroids / assistive cycle products is enough – we also want to make sure you don’t pay more for it than you should For those who may have been considering where to buy clenbuterol online, we are happy to state that this is likely going to be your final destination for your every cycle need. Our produce is all manufactured in accordance with the vital GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, meaning that every item you receive has gone through the most in depth of quality control procedures.

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