Open an account on, then verify your account, then pay with your credit card on our Bitcoin address (yes, you will send in some minutes Bitcoin via a Credit Card payment!). You can pay from $70 to $20,000 per week. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything with Bitcoin, you don’t need to know how to use it to pay.


It is easy: you can pay directly on with your credit card, the money will be instantly changed into Bitcoin and sent to us directly by Paybis.

This process only takes a few minutes and your payment for buying on our site is 100% anonymous.

1.Place your order on our site by choosing Credit Card as your payment method.

2. Copy the bitcoin address available on the order confirmation page (just after your order on our site).

3. Visit and choose Credit Card in “You Spend” (left column) and Bitcoin in “You Receive” (right column).

4. Then in “Amount you receive” put the total amount of your order.

  • You need to pay the transaction fee. The total amount that need to be sent is available under “Amount you deposit”
  • Don’t forget also to select the right currency there
  • Then click on “Start transaction”

5. If you already have an account, login on or create an account.

6. Then, paste our Bitcoin address (= our wallet) from the order confirmation page (from step 2 above) in “Your Bitcoin Wallet” field.

7. If you already have verified your identity with, your payment will always be very fast!
If you have not verified your identity yet, please follow instructions. You will only need to prove that you are the credit card owner for anti-fraud purpose:

8. Once the payment is done, we will receive the Bitcoin on the our address pretty fast. Then, it is MANDATORY to fill the form below so we can confirm your order:




This form must be completed after having payed by


9. Once the payment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email informing you that your order is being prepared by our logistics team. Once sent, you will receive automatic emails and a tracking number to follow your parcel(s).

Note: If you have any issue with Paybis, you can chat with them, they usual answer within seconds (please don’t mention you buy steroids or our site):